As the legend goes settlers in early 1800’s learned of the Lockport Cave from Native Americans, at that time, it was known as Devil’s Cave, there was an entrance on the west bank of 18-mile creek.  The present location would be near Cave Street off East Avenue.  It appears to be a cave carved into the Lockport Dolostone by 18-mile creek and runoff from ancient lakes.  The stone was hard and other caves in this stone, like Milk Cave in Lewiston, are tight but can be extensive, with some large rooms.  Milk Cave is over a half mile long.

Jim Boles- Lockport Cave 1970

The cave was explored in the 1860-1880’s, a corporation formed, and preparation was under way to make a commercial Show Cave like Secret Cavern or Howe Caverns in Schoharie County, central New York.     The passages were widened, with mining and blasting, groomed with walkways for tourists to visit the cave.  They had prepared the first 110 feet -there was much more to go, with accounts up to a mile plus in length, an entrance was constructed, and a dynamo was precured for lighting. Then- a large flood from an overflowing 18-Mile creek poured water into the newly opened cave entrance and filled the cave with mud and debris that coursed down the creek.  The entrance was sealed in 1886 and the decision was made to close the commercial operation -that 110 feet of tourist ready cave is still there full of 18-mile creek mud.