Locktoberfest 10/1/2022-history

Great day at the Locktoberfest in Lockport NY. The Niagara County History Center and the Town of Lockport Historical Society set up a joint table with a Civil war clothing and equipment display and local history books. 8 hours of nonstop history discussions.

Lockport NY- Farmers Market

Set up a Vanishing Past booth at the Farmers Market today. I talked to a lot of people about local history and sold 15 local history books. -Jim

Devil’s Hole Mystery Cave, Niagara Falls NY

I went with our famous local cave explorer Scott Ensminger on Sunday to take one more look at the Devil’s Hole cave.  Much has been written about his cave on the cliffs over the Niagara River but questions remain.   It was originally 3/4 mile long now it is 42...