NIAGARA COUNTY NY, POOR HOUSE (Niagara Street Extension), INFIRMARY RECORDS (Davison Rd), Lockport NY -Records from  1829-1970’s

Jim Boles, [email protected]         4/30/2021



  1. Niagara County Historians Office
    1. Original book death records, found at the Niagara County Historians Office-Lockport, NY- Not complete -missing years 1829-1861- but does have 1861-1970’s.
    2. Also has thumb drive -photo of each page, 1861-1970. Credit for the photo of each page goes to Michael Niethe of Lockport NY.
    3. The office also has my spread sheet thumb drive of years 1861-1916-easy search.


  1. Niagara County Historians Office has Poor House Admission records (not death records) original book-not complete. A little hard to search and read. Book is in poor condition.


  1. Niagara County History Center: Death Records, has my thumb drive, spread sheet, records 1860-1916-easy search.


  1. Niagara County Genealogy Society, at the Niagara County History Center, Niagara St, Lockport NY. Has a bound death record book -transcribed?  Records from 1861-


  1. Jim Boles-I have Death Records -1861-1970’s-photo of each page on thumb drive. Death records on spread sheet, 1861-1916.  Easy search.


  1. Jim Boles-project underway-Death Records 1861-1970’s on spread sheet will be complete Sept 2021


  1. Jim Boles-project underway Admission records to be put on thumb drive Jan, 2022.


  1. When complete the Death Records on spread sheet will be posted on this blog. Also, the admission records will be posted when completed.


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